Saturday, November 6, 2010

Projects du semaine

1. Inchie ATCs: Artist Trading Cards with inchies on them. I will post what I create.
This is for my monthly ATC exchange, and it's a nice challenge. I've been thinking in one inch squares, wondering what will look nice.
2. Rubber stamped onsies: I'm playing with Tsukineko All-Purpose ink, and stamping on fabric. I have posted some examples on flickr—look to the right to see them.
I started this for Jeanette, and I am thinking of doing more.
3. Doggy neck warmers: It's basically a knitted tube. I'm trying to post a photo of it, and have been thwarted four times by blogger, so I'll post it to flickr. Look right to see an example on my stream. Stella and Checker (Siri & Bambi's dog) need some, so I'm knitting some up, quickly.
I had a stretchy cast on, which is helpful, but the cast off that I know isn't good for stretching over anyone's head: canine, human or monkey. The result is stiff and feels like it will break, so I've been looking for something stretchier.
The thing I've found helpful is a blog post byWeebleknits, giving me a clue on what to do.
Right now, I'm trying Elizabeth Zimmermann's cast off. It reminds me of the Kitchener Stitch, what with sewing/pulling yarn through as if to purl and sewing/pulling yarn through as if to knit, then pulling off the needle. With the Lion Homespun, I'm finding that the boucle scrunches up and it's difficult to take the stitches off the needle; however, I'm going to keep working, and finish this sucker tonight. I'll post the results, on Stella and/or me!

More soon, as things progress!
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